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This ANDE Premium monofilament is a 1/4-lb spool with a 60-lb test. ANDE has been in the business of furnishing monofilament fishing lines to anglers of the world for over 40 years.ANDE's main goal has been to supply the anglers the finest monofilament at the most reasonable price. With well over 1,000 IGFA World Records to our credit, we feel this outstanding record speaks for the quality of ANDE Monofilament and the overall trust that anglers have for ANDE Monofilament. This record continues to grow. The test class in relation to the diameter of the monofilament is as small or smaller in diameter as most monofilaments on the market today. A smaller diameter will cast more easily and have less drag or weight when trolling or fighting a fish. We sell the Premium Monofilament which is production monofilament for the vast majority of anglers. It is of the same quality as the Tournament. It is a medium soft monofilament with excellent tensile and knot strength and it is very abrasion resistant.

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